Top five undeniable reasons curvy women are the best in bed🙄

With the trend in today’s society for women to be as skinny as possible, it’s refreshing to give props to the natural, full-figured, curvy female physique!

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These types of natural figures were celebrated in decades past, yet now fashion, advertising, and entertainment industries have all been championing ultra-skinny bodies, many of which were starved upon to achieve this unnatural slender. And then, of course, the only curves they do champion, are silicon-based!
Here are 5 reasons why the classic curvy physiques are the most romantically pleasing:
1. Curvy figures have naturally big boobs!

Most of the time curvy women have nice sized breasts, and often really big boobs! This is a big turn on for many men and the women who starve themselves to get ultra-skinny seem to lose boob size in the process and have to go the fake route to get their curves back. Naturally curvy big booby figures reign supreme over silicone-based fakeness!
2. Nice and thick butts!

Just as curvy women have the fronts, they also have the backs. Nice, round, thick, and big butts! The women who try to go ultra-skinny will also lose that thickness in the rump, and then have to resort to using padded products to put in their panties in an attempt to try to achieve what our curvy ladies already have naturally!
3. Curvy women cuddle better.

Let’s face it, there are those times when you just want to cuddle up to your woman. You want to hold her close while hugging her nicely rounded physique. What you don’t want is to hold a meat-sack that feels like it’s filled with a bunch of protruding bones. Where’s that deliciously curvy meat?
4. Much greater sex appeal.

Curvy gals are an automatic turn-on. They just radiate so much full of life s3x appeal. Whereas a woman who tries to look like a stick, actually ends up just looking like a lifeless stick. Nothing radiates like a full framed woman who is proud of her curvy nature.
5. Curvy and confidence go together.

A curvy woman tends to be very confident. And this goes a long way when it is time to get romantic. Women who force themselves skinny, are usually always worried about their physique, wondering if their jeans are too tight or if having dessert will add some (much needed) extra calories. While curvy women look at their curves as gifts they’ve been given while having the attitude of wanting to go out and flaunt what they got and not worry about an extra hundred calories here and there.


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