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Top five undeniable reasons curvy women are the best in bed🙄



With the trend in today’s society for women to be as skinny as possible, it’s refreshing to give props to the natural, full-figured, curvy female physique!

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These types of natural figures were celebrated in decades past, yet now fashion, advertising, and entertainment industries have all been championing ultra-skinny bodies, many of which were starved upon to achieve this unnatural slender. And then, of course, the only curves they do champion, are silicon-based!
Here are 5 reasons why the classic curvy physiques are the most romantically pleasing:
1. Curvy figures have naturally big boobs!

Most of the time curvy women have nice sized breasts, and often really big boobs! This is a big turn on for many men and the women who starve themselves to get ultra-skinny seem to lose boob size in the process and have to go the fake route to get their curves back. Naturally curvy big booby figures reign supreme over silicone-based fakeness!
2. Nice and thick butts!

Just as curvy women have the fronts, they also have the backs. Nice, round, thick, and big butts! The women who try to go ultra-skinny will also lose that thickness in the rump, and then have to resort to using padded products to put in their panties in an attempt to try to achieve what our curvy ladies already have naturally!
3. Curvy women cuddle better.

Let’s face it, there are those times when you just want to cuddle up to your woman. You want to hold her close while hugging her nicely rounded physique. What you don’t want is to hold a meat-sack that feels like it’s filled with a bunch of protruding bones. Where’s that deliciously curvy meat?
4. Much greater sex appeal.

Curvy gals are an automatic turn-on. They just radiate so much full of life s3x appeal. Whereas a woman who tries to look like a stick, actually ends up just looking like a lifeless stick. Nothing radiates like a full framed woman who is proud of her curvy nature.
5. Curvy and confidence go together.

A curvy woman tends to be very confident. And this goes a long way when it is time to get romantic. Women who force themselves skinny, are usually always worried about their physique, wondering if their jeans are too tight or if having dessert will add some (much needed) extra calories. While curvy women look at their curves as gifts they’ve been given while having the attitude of wanting to go out and flaunt what they got and not worry about an extra hundred calories here and there.


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Video: When last did you tell your wife thank you after s*x say’s cleric Funke Felix



funke felix

Funke Felix-Adejumo, a cleric, has taken on married men who don’t thank their women for marrying them or for having sex with them.
Recently, when preaching

at a church, she addressed the issue of ingratitude in males. According to her,

‘Ingratitude is a killer and it is so disturbing that some people, not only do they show it to God but also to men. As a man, when last did you thank your wife for marrying you?

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When last did you thank your wife after aving sex with her? She gave you her body. Don’t tell me we enjoyed it together. When a woman gives her body to you, it is a lot. To a woman, sex is more than ‘oh let’s just have pleasure’.”

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Do you know big Breasts attract a large audience?

Breasts are ne of the defining characteristics of a woman’s appearance. Breasts are beautiful, naturally-given treasures that provide milk to newboorns.



bursty woman

Breasts are one of the defining characteristics of a woman’s appearance. Breasts are beautiful, naturally-given treasures that provide milk to newborns.

Displaying your breasts is a definite way to attract attention, but when you’re “top-heavy,” this attracts a lot of unwanted attention because a huge rack is difficult to ignore.

Imagine going about your daily activities and not feeling comfortable because of the stares and comments you receive, especially if you have wobbly boobs. People stare so much that it’s unsettling to stroll about in a top or outfit that shows any cleavage.

if you want to know some of the struggles bursty women face read HERE

The unwanted attention will affect how you dress, persuading you to cover your breasts with tight sports bras and inconspicuous clothing. As a result, when it comes to clothes, you’ll constantly have a question in the back of your mind: “Will these clothes fit, how will they fit, and do I feel happy with how my breasts will look if I wear this in public? Like I ask myself a lot of questions before wearing anything.

For years, I’ve purposefully dressed in clothes that hide my bust to avoid unwanted attention from strangers and even people I know, but did it work? I believe some individuals have scanning machines in their eyes.

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I laugh most times when they say haaa mary I wish I have your kind of breast, like for real? Those stuff can be so heavy 🤣

Micro-glances at your chest might be frustrating when you’re talking to a buddy and notice them throughout a discussion. Unbelievably, this happens to many women, no matter what their cup size may be.

When someone starts staring at my chest, I feel uneasy, and I’m concerned about the possibility of awkward sexual undertones during an exchange. Personal experience
Big breasts make it more difficult to find a romantic partner who is truly interested in you, The size of a woman’s breasts influences the type of romantic approaches she receives. It’s hard to tell when you’re big up whether or not a love partner appreciates your personality, as opposed to what your physique can provide.

As a busty woman, I’ve been conditioned to believe that people remember me for my chest. 😄😄😄 sounds funny but true,.

Bursty ladies appears more lovely and gorgeous in wears especially Ankara  This is what I’ve observed.

Don’t ask why I’m always on t-shirt again 😄😄

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See photos-Uti Nwachukwu‘s wow the Internet with some fire photos as he celebrate his birthday

The actor and TV personality flooding our feeds with



It’s Uti Nwachukwu‘s birthday!

The actor and TV personality, flooding our feeds with incredibly 🔥 images to commemorate his special day, and here’s what he had to say as a posed seductively:

+1. Be Like Water… Be Rich, Be Healthy, Be Flexible, Be Wild, Be Serene, Enrich, Nourish ….and have no Enemies. THIS IS ME 🤎
Let it all Out! ROAR!! 🦁 For There’s Beauty in controlled Rage. And Always Remember my Children – PEACE BE STILL


Happy Birthday Uti

Also, read Studies say cannabis is not healthy for the heart

Stay Clean Always🤎 Stay Fresh Always 💧Rule 1: Love thyself Unapologetically. Rule 12: Embrace Your sensuality 😍



Rule No 27: STRIP! DARE TO BE BARE EMOTIONALLY AND PHYSICALLY! Join me, let’s take it All Off In a few Hours ❤️‍🔥🤎❤️‍🔥

More photos.

Birthday blessings

In his writes up Rule, NO 12  uti says   “Embrace Your sensuality” which got fans talking, the screenshot below


Happy palatable  birthday Uti Love from MHub

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I was defiled at the Age of 11 by my uncle: Ayo Mide

LGBTQ activist popularly known as Ayo mide on Instagram recount how his uncle molested him at age 11.



LGBTQ activist is popularly known as Ayo mide on Instagram recount how his uncle molested him when he was 11years old.
LGBTQ here stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer.

Is an umbrella term that is used to refer to the community.

He wrote:

“News has been going around concerning Baba idea, how he def! led a small girl, The justice needs must be Accomplished this is the Right Time I’m speaking out on myself, I was defiled at the Age of 11 old by my dad junior brother. I don’t have the boldness to speak out because of the fear of being beaten…

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Juliet Ibrahim listed ten things she can’t live without including Sex toys, an inhaler

I could remember when I lost my both parents at tender Age, no family, nobody to care for me, only my uncle was there for me, not Knowing my uncle was a Pedophile he has been sleeping with me countless times?! don’t know how this all happened, what I can only flashbacks is that he always offers me fruit juice at night, I believe my drink is being injected with sedative drugs,’ always feel dizzy whenever I sip my drink at night my uncle sleep with me at midnight if I wake up in the morning, my KP*kus always get wet…I’ve been trying to have the courage to ask him, each time I try to,l got the beating of my Life….he threatened to kill me, abuse my parents for not taking care of me before they gave up the ghost I attended boys boarding school in Ogun state….each time I got a vacation, I’m always scared to come back home for holiday….cuz I’m scared of my Uncle big Gb*la….

I can’t count, how many times he………….”

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Photos from Jason Derulo’s and fiancée Jena frumes baby shower

Jena Frumes, Jason Derulo’s girlfriend and model, is now glowing with mo



Jena Frumes, Jason Derulo’s girlfriend and model, is now glowing with motherhood.

An intimate baby shower was held for the pregnant parents to mark the imminent arrival of their first child. Jason wrote on his Instagram page after posting the photos:

Our baby boy already getting showered with so much love. Thank u to everyone that came to our baby shower.


Photo credit: Jason Derulo

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