Liverpool Top YouTube Earnings Table

🔰 Liverpool are the highest earning football club on YouTube, according to new research.

Data was compiled by, which took YouTube’s top 20 ranked soccer-dedicated channels and assessed them via ecommerce company Sellfy’s own platform. The YouTube Money Calculator evaluates a channel’s potential earnings via Adsense revenue based on cost per thousand (CPM) – how much a partner pays per 1,000 views – and estimated earnings from selling merchandise, using Sellfy’s in-house data.

🔰 Arsenal have launched a new service for deaf or hard of hearing fans that uses British Sign Language (BSL).

BSL supporters will now be able to liaise directly with the club from the Arsenal website via a video link to a fully qualified SignVideo BSL interpreter who will relay the conversation in real time to the club’s fan services team.

🔰 FIFA has turned Camp Nou into a testing ground for monitoring systems that collect data during games.

It is hoped that the tests will lead to more effective data tracking that can assist coaches with match preparation, aid player medical treatment and supply more insight to broadcasters.

The monitoring systems of 13 data tracking companies have been subjected to the tests, including Track160, Catapult, STATSports, and Fitogether. The trials, which have been carried out during October by researchers from Australia’s University of Victoria, were specifically focused on the positioning and speed of players.

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