National Assembly have confirmed Nigeria is under siege :CAN

Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, has aligned with the call by the National Assembly (NASS) for the immediate removal of the Service Chiefs, saying the federal lawmakers have confirmed that the country is under siege.

Kwamkur Vondip, CAN’s Director of Legal and Public Affairs, said the Church was excited that the NASS had come to terms with the need for urgent steps to be taken towards addressing Nigeria’s security problems.

He lambasted the Federal Government for denying that Nigeria’s security situation is on a nosedive, and called on the international community to support the country to take necessary steps towards improving the situation.

He said: “The statement by the National Assembly confirms that fact that something is wrong with the nation.

“Unlike the abusive stance of those in the Presidency, the National Assembly has come to terms with the reality Nigerians face on a daily basis.

“We know the current leadership of the Senate and House of Representatives were handpicked by the Presidency but because the lawmakers were elected by the people to legislate on their behalf, their consciences did not let them shy away from speaking truth to power on the need to sack the Service Chiefs for obvious reasons.

“But, in all, the call by the National Assembly also confirms what the Church has been saying concerning the heavy state of insecurity that needs urgent attention.

“We suspect that the Federal Government either has its hands soiled in the worsening security situation or is bereft of ideas and solutions for tackling the security challenges facing Nigerians.

“But it is a shame that the Presidency has not accepted the fact that it needs to act fast and be open to help from the international community towards tackling insecurity.

“The National Assembly has also confirmed the fact that some of the Service Chiefs have overstayed in office. Some of them are due to retire, but you can see he is not even ready to let them go.

“The Federal Government should only reward rose doing well but the President commends them for a job well done but Nigerians are not feeling the impact of their work.”

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