Opinion: weapon against the spread of covid19 in the north by Kefas Bangripga


In the face of the global outbreak of the dreaded COVID 19 spread, that is ravaging many countries

And has brought the world to her knees. Information remain key to winning the fight against the upsurge of the virus

In our communities, States and Country at large. However, this can only be efficient if the information is disseminated

To the people in the language they understand and interact with, the most.

Nigeria being a multi-lingual country has 3 major indigenous languages with English language as the official language.

A larger chunk of the Nigerian population use either of these 3 languages in their social interaction and do not speak nor

understand English language thereby finding it difficult to demystify the media messages on the preventive measures

Of curtailing the spread of COVID 19. This is the underlying factor why these measures are not religiously observed by

Nigerians particularly the Social Distancing measure

In most states of Northern Nigeria, Hausa language is predominantly used for social interaction by both urban and rural

Dwellers alike. An awareness campaign on the preventive measures of COVID 19 in Hausa language can be viable and effective

In sufficiently curbing the progression of the virus in our shores using Jingles. These jingles if placed on radio stations across the region,

Willl have the capacity to reach significant proportion of the population with radio being the most commonly used medium.

The evolution of technology has birthed the concept of media convergence,

which as a result, different caliber of people regardless of social status have access to the radio

(compared to any other medium of Mass Communication)

Thereby magnifying the propensity of message (awareness) to penetrate every nook and cranny of the region.

Information is just key; it is weapon that can be used to keep the virus at bay if wielded properly.

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