Pastor Chris oyakhilome: Covid19 and 5G are sign of Antichris

Pastor Chris oyakhilome has weighed on the controversy surrounding the 5G network

Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, which has crippled activities in many countries around the world, the pastor explain that

The 5G network and Coronavirus are related, that the coronavirus is a weapon they use to user the world into the 5G

The Founder of  Believers Love World a.k.a Christ Embassy who was preaching to his congregation on a live TV program,

Stated that the pandemic was created in order to popularize the 5G network which is gradually gaining attention across the world.

Pastor Chris affirmed that with the attention given to the fifth generation of wireless communications technologies 

Due to the pandemic, everyone will embrace it as a solution to their problems out of fear.

He added that these are part of the Antichrist’s plan for a new world order which includes;

One world government, one world religion and one world economy. Pastor Chris backed his claim with Revelation Chapter 13. 

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