FEAR MERCHANTS: Is covid19 a death sentence (I)

For the past 5 months, the world has been on a pause mode. All aspects of human interaction and social life have been adversely affected, as a result of the emergence of

COVID 19. Just like HIV/AIDS COVID 19 has no cure (at least for now). Despite the intellectual efforts and material resources put in by scientists and researchers to develop a

vaccine, the virus still continues defy all solutions. Having penetrated every shore, killing over 2 hundred thousand people and

Over 2 million people getting infected, the virus is still on the rise. These are stats that have thrown the world into a deep abyss of forlorn and despondency.

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The most effective way of winning the fight against the virus, is massive

Testing and isolation of positive persons concurrently.In Western countries,we have seen how citizens submit themselves for testing and apparently isolated if found positive.

This explains why most of these countries have conducted about million tests in a short period of time. Though sufficiency of testing kits and Personnel Protection Equipment are variations,

Nevertheless, we cannot detach the willingness and commitment of the citizens to be tested, from this milestone.

The Nigerian government, is yet to initiate a compulsory testing of every citizen and isolation of positive cases. This is due to the fact that we do not have sufficient testing kits, P.P.E, human resources, isolation centres,

Among other impediments. Even if we have all these in place, there is a higher propensity that, the willingness and commitment from the part of the citizens will constitute a major hindrance. A classical example of this, was what happened in Borno last week, when 2

Positive persons escaped from an isolation centre in Maiduguri. Imagine the number of people that have been exposed to the virus as a result of this! A lot of people have attributed this to; the poor facilities at the isolation

Centres and the level of care given to the people at the isolation centres. Some even attributed it to the attitudinal disposition of Nigerians. From a different perspective, this

Typifies the kind of orientation on the virus that the media have been feeding the public with. It is a panic reaction generated by the information on COVID 19, the public has been exposed to, by the media. All over the world, the media have robustly contributed in

Sensitising the public about the virus; upsurge, death toll, preventive measures, sign and symptoms. Despite the efforts of the media, to an average Nigerian, COVID 19 is a death sentence.

To them, once you contact the virus, the chances of survival are slim. This brings us to the fact that, there is need for a paradigm shift, from the part of the media.

The media need to drift away from Hanging the Sword. The framing pattern of; reports and jingles on COVID 19 by Nigerian media, are streamlined on; fatalities and number of confirmed cases. This has left many Nigerians psychologically defeated.

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