JusticeForRinji: Man’s inhumanity to fellow man

Too many questions, too few answers!!!
Aren’t we supposed to fight a common enemy?

Take a pause… who/what is this common enemy? Isn’t it the same enemy created by man to shred mankind?

Do guns kill untriggered? Do substances hurt inherently?
Truncating the very nature, you have been unsuccessful in creating from the dawn of time despite the
huge strides in science and technology?

Does the strongest man survive the passage of the earth? Does the wisest or wittiest? You mean there
exist an everlasting creature?

Doesn’t this just validate the existence of invisible hands behind the spheres of natural affairs?
How did we get here… where the place of safety has become the very nest of wolves?

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How do we explain that our regalia and ornaments are responsible for beclouding our sense of humanity
and the very reason for our hawkishness?
Where else do we seek asylum?

To the assailant

He goes out to defend his own… to ensure they are in safety, defiant of the storms and scourge in the fields, he battles…

With troubled souls and on bent knees, they reach out to the metaphysical, in prayers, seeking that their hero returns to them with the ultimate gift of life and in one piece but does he? Maybe and just maybe not…

well, maybe he does return, but not the same way he left
His next best companion has become the metal within his raiment… He has become too accustomed

With his new normal – the storms, scourge, and horror in the fields – so much that the calm he meets becomes too abnormal.
Take a pause…

The man next door now seems a sub-human whose existence can be used as a lab specimen for some “mental experiment”.

The very same existence for which he defied his comfort into the fields to protect, for which his very
own went on bent knees seeking safety, has suddenly become the very prey upon which he feasts. The man knows himself!!!

Bearded thots from the Balcony. Dannie

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