slowly fade away

Slowly we faded
Lost in ugly pages, buried into history;
like smokes blown to the air,
Broken wings in the wind,
Fading spirits.

Also, read: CLARION CALL, poetry by: Shan Arnold

Slowly we fade
In the pot of horror, love goes by, burning to death;
Beauty dissolves and transformed into ugliness
Morals and values decomposing, ethnic cleansing.

Slowly we fade
Natives misplaced Identities,
Spacious appetite for money and fame
voice of truth went mute in a blue,
Hope and love paddling to extinction.

Slowly we fade
Sons(suns) efforts and faith dumb in a waste(west)
Into the abyss of timeless pains
hands searching in the dark,
wanderers in a Broadway.

Slowly we fade
Flamy zeal and passion quenching nights after a day
The bonds between us faintly losing it’s the grip
Purple souls lost their fragrance, butterflies aging.

Slowly we fade
In anguish, we drown into deep;
Angels light consumed by darkness;
Swiftly and sweetly our feet sleeps;
Soldiers are swallowed by weakness.


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