Dear sunshine

Dear sunshine!
Rain your rays over my dark desert heart,
I bless the day my eyes discovered your glowing soul,
Sit with me let’s ride through unfamiliar paths,
Your Seat in me, a throne with a crown of black trees.
Sing me sweet melodies with my heartbeats,
Adoring every chance we hold hands with a dance.

Let’s go wild in blissful love
In the starry sky of the ocean shores
In your white apparel, I foresee my dreams

As you call me by my name “Hub”
To tints of passion I want to live, breathe
Every moment with you.

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Let’s rise in love, and only fall for us
your golden voice rising with each morning glow
In the tingling sensation of allure
I want to be wrapped over you
In love and joy and possession.

Let’s be in love
I want your lips to be the one I kiss with bliss
Each morning when I wake up without a miss
I want to be buried in your bosom
for only there, will I want to dream of things to come…



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