This vessel call woman

This beauty called woman was created as a vessel of honor and splendor

A helper that compliments her mate, a crown of glory, honor, and respect she is to her king.

Remove the crown from the king he is nothing When treated with love and respect she goes out and returned to her king with respect and honor

She is unique in all sense, she has an inner eye to see greatness in her king even when he can’t

She is wonderful, organized, adorable, beautiful being wonders of God made, 

She is a multiplier, tell her a vision and she will incubate it and give a hundred way to go about it a wonderful creature indeed. Is funny how society See’s and treats her.

Well, we can all agree that how society sees any woman is entirely dependent on the type of society.

How the west sees women is entirely different from how we perceive them here in Africa. And the difference couldn’t be more starkly.

My focus will be on how African society sees her.
African society still largely sees a woman as a man’s subordinate. A companion, an object even.

Most African societies still harbor misogynistic proclivities towards women in the sense that it believes a woman has no voice and should be pliable and subservient to her male counterpart, especially if she’s married.

Even intelligent, independent, and well-read women are still bound by some societal expectations.

The role of the woman is muted. It is difficult for her to explore like her Western counterparts.


For instance, an African woman cannot openly admit that she’s a lesbian and wants to marry a fellow woman. ( Haaa to die dey hungry you? )

The African society will automatically ostracise her and may have her even killed for such effrontery.

I’m not asking for equal rights for womankind from the male folks but respect and full rights for women, women are human too, treat them as one.

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