Rape is a state of the mind

Rape is a state of mind, Mr toff tell his story in 2001, I was serving in Sapele and so also was my good friend X ( not real name) We would stroll out from Ogorode to the town square to flex.

Even though neither of us drank alcohol we still hanged out in joints selling beer and peppersoup. We would also go to viewing centres to watch football matches since we were dyed in the wool Chelsea fans even though we had the facility to watch it either at home or in the Junior Rate Mess known as the Artficer’s Anteroom.

On one of such days we we hanging out in a joint when one of those daughters of Eve casually walked past us deliberately wagging her generously endowed tail at us.

X: “Boss, abeg look. Look up nah. Check out that bae”.

Me: I looked up from my novel and lo and behold, there she was! Perfectly chiselled. Endowed back and front. A full sized chicken. My eyes popped out and saliva drooled from my mouth.

X: “Boss, don’t look too much, na me get this one. And don’t bring any rank issue in this abeg. This is not military work” he chuckled.
We both stood up and walked over to the girl.

To cut the long story short, X and the perfect beauty became friends. Very good friends. What stopped them from marrying was that, X already had one lined up for marriage and he told Beauty about it from the outset. She said she didn’t mind.

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Then one day we were in X’s house eating starch and Banga soup when his phone rang. It was the main girl who had travelled from Kaduna unannounced to visit him. She was already in Sapele at a park and she wanted my friend to come pick her up.

Gbege! We had to quickly move Beauty over to my place for the time being. This was supposed to be a makeshift arrangement. So Beauty moved over to my place.

In my room, I had 2 big mattresses. Beauty would sleep on one while I the other. After a week, I noticed that Beauty would deliberately drop her towel anytime she came back from the bathroom. I would concentrate on my book and never paid any attention.

She was also a careless sleeper! She would fling both arms and legs wide open giving me a generous view. I still didn’t pay any attention.

At times she would move over to my bed claiming that she just had a nightmare and was afraid to sleep alone.
This went on for 6 weeks! I wasn’t budged. As a matter of fact I never saw her as a woman.

At times X would sneak to my house for a fling. I would go out and give the chance they needed.
I had the to take from Beauty and she was more than willing but yet I couldn’t just betray my friend. She slept naked. I wasn’t moved.

So, the excuse that indecent dressing induces rape to me does not hold much water. It’s a mindset. If nakedness caused rape then we would probably rape all our daughters and sisters because we all more than generously see parts of their nakedness.
Rape is state of the mind.



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