Bridge linking langtang and Wase collapsed due to heavy rainfall

A Heavy downpour has washed off the only bridge linking Wase, Langtang North and four other local government areas of Plateau State.

According to reports that the bridge which is located in Wase LGA collapsed during a heavy rainfall which occurred in the late hours of Wednesday. Wazirin Wase, Alhaji Muhammad Badamasi Mahmud lamented that the collapse of the bridge would inflict more hardship on the people of Wase and other neighbouring areas.

This is the only road that links to many LGAs within Plateau include People Taraba and Nasawara states.

It is the only bridge that eases the movement of farm inputs and all other important economic and social activities, but today it is no more.”

He added that the road has been in bad condition for over 30 years, and recalled that the bridge was constructed during the colonial era.A concern citizen also appeal to the  government to look into the situation as he shared on his Facebook account.

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