Juliet Ibrahim listed ten things she can’t live without include Sex toys, inhaler

Juliet Ibrahim, a Ghanaian-Nollywood actress, has listed sex toys, the Ventolin inhaler, and allergy pills among the ten things she can’t live without.

The actress opened up to fans during the latest episode of her weekly vlog, where she shared lifestyle items, some of which she claimed she now has an obsession with.

“Allergy pills are Loratadine or Claritin. I take these because I suffer a lot from allergy reactions. When I inhale smoke, dust, or I’m in a very stuffy place, I tend to react. I start sneezing,” she said.
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“Even when it’s cold and my nose dries up or I’m in the winter, I tend to have issues. So many other things I react to. So allergy pills are a must-have for me. They’re always in my bag when I travel.

“Another essential thing I can’t live without is Ventolin inhaler. I use it because I’m asthmatic. It must always be on me ’cause you can never tell when one can react to something. It’s a necessity.

“As a single lady, this little rabbit of mine is a nice companion to have. He does the work; the single ladies would know. It keeps me company.”

The 34-year-old had a couple of weeks ago taken a hit at those who called her a half-caste –in a bid to describe a person of mixed race or ethnicity — dismissing such as one of the most derogatory terms to use.

“I had a random conversation the other day with someone and it was appalling when he mentioned passively to me that he doesn’t see me as a #blackwoman!” she had written.

“He argued, you are not ‘black enough’ your skin isn’t dark enough, your hair not kinky enough. And thus my siblings and I do not ‘count’ as black.”

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