Nigerian father accuses hospital workers of negligence after his pregnant daughter and her unborn twins died in Abeokuta hospital

A Nigerian man, Babajide Olayemi, cried out for justice after his pregnant daughter, Josephine Olayemi Odufowora, died at the Federal Medical Centre, Idi-Aba, Abeokuta in June 2020, alongside her unborn set of twins.

The troubled father accused the management of the Federal Medical Center, Abeokuta in Ogun’s state of neglect in an interview with The Nation, which he believed contributed to his beloved daughter’s premature death.Mr Olayemi said his daughter arrived at the hospital on 13 June and was not treated as the doctors were planning for a government confrontation.

Even when the scan results showed the twin babies she was carrying had died, Olayemi said the doctors refused to evacuate them immediately and proceeded to ignore her.

We arrived on Saturday, June 13, 2020 at the Federal Medical Centre, Idi-Aba, Abeokuta, and she was left unattended until Tuesday morning, June 15. Second, given the fact that it was a simple emergency, we were stuck in the car for four entire hours.

She was left on the bed for a whopping 24 hours untouched even after she was admitted to a hospital, given the fact that we had done everything.

I am already in my house with all the drugs; they ‘re untouched. We paid for the bed, and made all the payments required, but she was ignored.

Even when we were informed by the husband, who is a microbiologist, that the scan test showed the babies were dead, they still paid no attention to her.

I don’t understand how you can keep a mother in your hospital bed for almost 24 hours with two dead babies in her womb
A research showed babies ina woman’s womb are gone, what next?Is it throwing her on a bunk,or jumping into motion to get them out?

Honestly, I can’t just get over the fact that my daughter was killed by the doctors at that hospital, “lamented a clearly disturbed Olayemi Asked what the reason was for the accident, Olayemi said “They did not give any explanation.

But they were violent and acted as if we were harassing them or attempting to teach them their job whenever we made attempts to speak to them or call their attention to their situation.

You know how it is in government hospitals with our physicians and nurses. Also the results of the medications and procedures had just been turned over to a seat nurse.

It was later that we learned that on the very Monday, federal doctors were planning for a federal government confrontation He said his family had petitioned the Minister of Health through a letter dated 1 July 2020 entitled: “The Tragic and Evitable Demise of Mrs. Josephine Olayemi Odufowora: A Call for Inquiry and Change” through Citizens’ Gavel, a non-profit/non-governmental organisation aimed at raising the rate of delivery of justice by offering legal assistance to victims of abuse of rights.”

He said that they asked the minister to use his “offices to investigate the circumstances surrounding the deceased ‘s death and to ensure that all guilty persons are held to account.”

The hospital authorities refuted the claims of neglecting the dead, however, in their defense. Public Relations & in a statement issued by its Head Details, Segun Orisajo, the hospital said the late Josephine “discharged herself from the Center against medical advice when her treatment was completely on track” and that “she was given the best possible medical care and services

According to the statement from the hospital, “The above-named patient has been referred from State Hospital Ota as the approximate gestational age of 25 weeks complicated with extreme lower abdominal pain due to thyroid disease during pregnancy.

On June 13th the on-call team saw her,2020 was confirmed at 10.10pm and the diagnosis of Graves’ disease during pregnancy (multiple gestations).

The hospital reported that Josephine had been resuscited, though multiple inquiries were sought.

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