Two best friends at birth graduate high school together despite low survival rate

Two best friends graduated from high school years after doctors advised their parents that at birth they would have a survival rate of 2 per cent.

The friends, Odin and Jordan, had been born with brain injury. The two best friends, both of whom have special needs, were growing up side by side in Tyler, Texas.

Doctors did not believe they would live long. It was discovered that doctors said they had a poor survival rate, and they would be in a vegetative state, even though they survived. They did beat the odds, however.

The two 18-year-olds had earned their high school diplomas together earlier this month.

The news of the boys’ graduation from high school went viral after Reddit user Tim Frost shared a side-by – side photograph of his son Odin and Jordan’s best friend on their first day of school and graduation day.
He wrote: “My son and his best friend, both of whom said their survival rate would be around 2 percent, never walk, and live in a vegetative state if they made it past seven years, both crossed the stage and graduated tonight!!! (Left pic is from the first day of school.

Tim Frost-Odin ‘s dad-has been invited to several interviews since the post went viral.

He clarified that when they were just three years old, the boys met at the Wayne D. Boshears Center for Exceptional Programmes.
“They were put in the same classroom on their very first day of classes,” Odin ‘s dad Tim Frost told CBS News on Wednesday. “They had this instant connection pretty much. None of them could talk but they were still together wherever the other was.”

He told FOX 5 DC that Odin’s birthday and graduation ceremonies were postponed by the pandemic but encouraging and supportive messages from the group have raised his spirits. He also hopes Odin’s favorite band, The Roots, can hit the post.

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