Brothers rob grandpa and killed his 72 year old wife

A group of operatives from the Nigerian Police Intelligence Response Team (IRT) arrested two brothers identified as Akinola Akeem and Muyiwa Akeem and their native doctor, Odunta Moses.

The suspects were reported to be members of a well-known robbery gang that has long terrorized the Ogun State region in Ijebu Mushin, been arrested after attacking Pa Olutokunbo in Ikala village, Ijebu Mushin, for killing and robbing N550 000 and three mobile telephones of his 72-year old wife, Christiana Olutokunbo.

An investigation after one of the sons of Pa Olutokunbo, based in the U.K., ordered the arrest of one of the users of the stolen cell phone by police inspector Adamu Mohammed.

The robber led the police to Akinola Akeem who admitted that he had carried out other operations in Ijebu Mushin, Ogun region including the robbery in the house of Pa Olutokunbo and the murder of his 72-year-old wife during investigations.

He led security operatives to arrest Muyiwa, his younger brother, and his home doctor, Oduntan Moses, who prepared charms for them in advance.

Confessing to the crime, Muyiwa said;

“I have gone on three robbery operations and I killed a woman in my last operation. Myself and my younger brother formed the gang because we were frustrated.

“In the first operation, I made N5,000 and in the second one, I got N9,000. The third operation was at Ikala, where we killed the old woman. Before going for that robbery, I first went to Koba, a powerful native doctor in my community to prepare charms for me and my brother.

“We got information about Pa Olutokunbo, because he talked carelessly. He was in a bar and was talking about the money he had in his house which my brother overheard. We then went and consulted a native doctor to prepare charms for us to make us succeed in the operation. “We asked Koba, to check if the man had the money in his house and he said yes, we then asked him to give us charms that would enable us appear inside the man’s house.

“He prepared it and gave us to wear it on our necks, but when got there the charm failed to work and when we called him on the phone,told us to be patient that someone would come out of the house.

“We saw someone coming out of the house and when he was going back, we followed him into the house. We met four persons in the house but there was this old woman we met who started shouting and I took her into the room but she died while I was pulling her.

“My brother Akeem asked the man for the money in his house and the man gave us N15,000 . We called Koba again and told him that the money was not in the house, but Koba asked us to keep searching because he was very sure that there was money in that house as his oracle never deceived him.

“When my brother held the man and tried to kill him, the man begged and went into his room and brought out a bag containing money and gave it to us.

“We saw charms on the money and we called Koba and informed him about the money and the charm and he asked us not to bring it to him immediately. We took the bag to him and he gave me N60,000 and gave my brother N50,000.

“Before then, Koba had told my brother and I that he could prepare rituals for us that would make us rich and he had asked us to get the sum of N100,000 for it, but since we were so poor and we couldn’t raise the money, we decided to give him the N100,000 out of the money he gave us.

“He prepared a soap for us which he asked us to bath with. But after all we did, we did not get anything. We then realised that Koba fooled us. My brother and I were looking for a way of fighting him to get back our money before the police came and arrested us”.

Koba however accused the brothers of not using the charm as directed.

He said;

“They came to me complaining that they were very poor and want to be rich, then I asked them to bring N100,000 to prepare charms for them.

“They said they didn’t have money then but they came later that they heard that an old man had money in his house and they wanted to rob him.

“I consulted my oracle which informed me that there was money in the house but the money was ritual money. I gave them charms which would enable them get into the house and get the money.

“They got the money and brought it to me, then they gave me N100,000 from the money to prepare charms for them which I did but I don’t know why it didn’t work for them. My charms are portent and they are working very well.”

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