For the intent of discovering ‘irrelevant’ personal data, Facebook sues EU antitrust authorities

For its inquiries on data and the business of the firm, the U.S. social media community said on Monday, Facebook sues EU antitrust regulators for pursuing information beyond that required, including highly personal data.
Since last year, the European Union ‘s Facebook Competition Compliance Officer has been investigated by 800 million Facebook users in 70 countries, one of them on their data collection, and the other on their online marketplace.

Since then, 315,000 papers have been sent to the Commission equal to 1,7 million pages.

“The exceptionally broad nature of the Commission’s requests means we would be required to turn over predominantly irrelevant documents that have nothing to do with the Commission’s investigations, including highly sensitive personal information such as employees’ medical information, personal financial documents, and private information about family members of employees,” Facebook associate general counsel Tim Lamb said in a statement.

“We think such requests should be reviewed by the EU Courts.”

The Commission announced that it would defend its case before the judge.

A individual familiar with the matter said EU regulators browse through documents searching for approximately 2500 search phrases that include ‘big issue,’ ‘shut down’ and ‘not good for us.’

These terms of quest may be found in the health records, the performance evaluation and also in company applications that do not contribute to EU investigations

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