Former King Juan Carlos of Spain to go exile amid $100 million corruption crisis

King Juan Carlos I, former king of Spain, declared that he is leaving Spain to live in another country in the midst of a corruption crisis of $100 million On Monday  the website of the Royal Family published a letter from Juan Carlos to his son, King Felipe VI, saying,

“I am informing you of my decision to move during this period out of Spain”

In June, Spain’s Supreme Court opened an investigation into the involvement of Juan Carlos with a high-speed rail contract in Saudi Arabia after the newspaper La Tribune de Geneve of Switzerland reported receiving $100 million from the late Saudi King, King Abdullah.

In what investigators are investigating as a potential effort to conceal the money from officials, Juan Carlos reportedly then transferred a significant sum to a former companion. Juan Carlos reportedly denied commenting on the allegations.

Spain’s prime minister, Pedro S├ínchez, has recently called the investigations in Spain and Switzerland as “disturbing”

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