Legalize guns for legitimate users says Benue businessman to FG

On Thursday, a prominent businessman in Benue State, Chief Isaac Akinkunmi urged the federal government to legalize weapons for self-defense in the hands of trustworthy users in the face of growing insecurity in the country.

After three days in captivity a fortnight ago, Akinkunmi, who was released from kidnappers den, said it became necessary to advocate the legalization of guns for credible individuals because attackers took advantage of defenseless citizens to cause preventable harms.

He made the remark when officials from the Benue State Motorcycle Association (BEMOA) makurdi branch paid him a visit of solidarity at his office.

Akinkunmi, who is the owner of the Titogate Group of Companies, expressed concern that the violence that engulfed Nigerians in all parts of the world was backed by small and light arms that found their way into the hands of the wrong people even though the government insisted on recovering licensed guns from civilians.

He say’s

“I feel there should equally be legal guns in the hands of credible persons, given the fact that illegal guns are in the hands of bandits and armed robbers, who go to places where the people are defenseless and massacre them.

“As it is in Nigeria now, there is no balance of power; the balance has shifted to the hands of criminals. So there should be the legalisation of guns in the hands of credible people,”.

Akinkunmi also stressed the need for a state police force, adding that governments must fulfill their duties by ensuring protection for Nigerians and attempting to invest money on issues that would build employment for unemployed youth.

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