Pharmacist dies in Lagos brothel during sex with a commercial sex worker.

A pharmacist slumped and died while having sex with a sex worker in a hotel in Igando, Lagos.

The lifeless body of the pharmacist, Bassey Asuquo, was discovered in one of the rooms of a brothel along Akesan road, Egan area of Igando, Lagos, Friday, July 31.

It was gathered that Bassey, believed to be in his 40s, took a room in the brothel at about 10pm the previous night, after a drink at the bar.

Policemen from Igando division who were alerted by the management of the brothel, stormed the scene, where a crowd had gathered to have a glimpse of Bassey’s lifeless body.

Reportedly, a packet of cigarettes, an inhaler and a stained boxer were found in the room when the commercial sex worker had escaped.

Word had it that the escaping sex worker had called the manager of the hotel on the phone, describing how Bassey was gasping for air and trying to reach out for his inhaler when he gave up the ghost.

Attempt to coax her back to clarify more, failed in her attempt to avert arrest as she allegedly told the manager on the phone she was about crossing the nation’s border.

Police detained two brothel workers while the corpse was removed.
In the meantime, the deceased’s family is making attempts to get the body for burial.

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