Plateau is PDP and PDP is plateau, let’s join hands and get PDP back Into Little Rayfield :Hon Chris Hassan


A veteran party administrator, political mogul and aspirant for the position of the PDP Chairman in Plateau State, Hon Chris Hassan has promised to take back Plateau State for the People’s Democratic Party, if entrusted with the Chairmanship.

He made this strong assertion during a media briefing with his media team at his residence this afternoon.

He said, we have to study the past, so that we can define the future.

He added, we can not achieve our desired goal of getting to the Government House without true forgiveness.

We should therefore Let go of the regrettable experiences that denied us the mandate in 2015 & 2019 and let’s march with one arsenal to reclaim what is rightly ours.
He emphasized on how forgiveness can be such a respectable and responsible approach if we want to reclaim what is ours because PDP is Plateau and Plateau is PDP.

PDP can and will reclaim Plateau in 2023, it is possible with me as your Chairman, let us keep faith and join hands.

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