Photos: 9 year old girl from Edo dies after being raped by a 60 year old man for ritual purpose

A girl of 9 years has died sadly after her body started to rot following an incident of “ritualistic abuse.”A 60-year-old chief in Edo state reportedly raped Habiba. According to the founder of the Brave Hearts Project, Priscilla Usiobaifo, the chief admitted to the crime and pleaded for forgiveness but he left the village when he learned that the parents of the girl were bent on seeking justice.Habiba, raped on 11 June 2020, quickly started to rot down. It started hours after the rape attack, with her experiencing seizures. She soon became unwell, and her condition began to deteriorate, indicating that she had been raped for rituals.
Rashes turned up on Habiba ‘s skin last week and her skin began to peel.She died last Saturday, August 29, while being moved to a more specialized hospital where proper care was required of her.Ms Usiobaifo disclosed that before her death, Habiba had been so deformed that identification of her was “highly difficult.”See pictures and post below

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