IMSU suspended lecturer in suspected sex for grade scandal

The institution’s administration has expelled two Imo State University (IMSU) lecturers who were implicated in a s3x-for-grade fiasco that was caught in viral videos.

University spokesman Ralph Njoku Obi, who confirmed the incident, said the lecturers had been suspended pending the results of a viral video investigation. He also stated that university senior lecturers are the two lecturers who are currently cooling off in a police cell in Owerri, the capital of the Imo state.

Obi said;

“We just came out of an expanded management meeting now. Management resolved to set up a panel to look into the veracity of the content of the video clips but as it stands now, the two lecturers have been suspended so they can give us ample room to do a proper investigation into the matter.

“It is believed that the trending video clips may have again exposed the ugly underworld of sex-for-grade syndicates operating in the Imo State University, Owerri.”

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