Hilarious: Monkey Steals man’s phone and Snap multiple Selfies see photos

A monkey in Malaysia stole a man’s smartphone and when the guy eventually got it back he found a lot of monkey selfies!!!

The long-tailed macaque swiped the phone from the man’s home in Johor, and a personal Instagram could have started … And now the camera is full of hilarious selfies, including upside-down snaps, slow-motion images, time-lapses and portraits.

It’s kind of funny … Some of the pictures look like he’s trying to eat the phone! The mischievous monkey may have been hungry enough.

Tmz noted that The man says he woke up from a nap and his phone had gone out of his case, and the unit was MIA for 2 days before eventually hearing it ring in his backyard, which is on the edge of a jungle.

The monkey left the phone in a reasonably good way … There was a little mud and the screen protector was peeled, but it just worked perfectly … And now that guy has a nice story and even better stuff!

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