Rihanna under fire as Muslim community slam her for disrespecting Islam (video/ screenshot)

As they accuse her of disrespecting the ideals of Islam during her latest Violent X Fenty fashion show, Rihanna is under fire from the Muslim community.
The singer is being called out because of a song that was used on Amazon Prime Video during her fashion show that debuted on Friday, October 2.
The song at the heart of this fight is called “Doom.” Reportedly, the song samples the vocals of a Hadith being read in Arabic and it was performed as models scantily-clad in lingerie sashayed at Rihanna’s fashion show.

The Hadith is considered to be a record of the Islamic prophet Muhammad’s phrases, actions, and silent acceptance. The “backbone” of Islamic society has been called hadith, and in Islam, the authority of hadith as a source of islamic law and moral instruction ranks second only to that of the Quran.
For some Muslims, this move did not go over well and they have taken to social media to slam Rihanna.

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