Cocaine-filled plane crashes in Mexico, following high speed chase by military

In central Mexico, an airplane transporting almost half a ton of cocaine crashed after engaging in a high-speed aerial pursuit with Mexican military choppers, resulting in the deaths of the two people on board.

Mexican military helicopters intercepted the plane in Mexican airspace and chased it for hundreds of miles, according to the Mexican defense ministry, before it ran out of fuel and crashed on a piece of land in Botija, Queretaro.

The ministry said in a statement on Thursday Following high-speed chases by military aircraft, cocaine-filled plane crashes in Mexico ,The plane was loaded with some 400 kilograms (880 pounds) of cocaine, according to the ministry.

Less than two weeks after Monday’s accident, a business jet allegedly hijacked in Mexico crashed in a Guatemalan jungle near a secret airstrip after making a mysterious journey to Venezuela, leaving two men dead near a cocaine and arms cache on board.

According to the UN and UNICEF, Mexico is listed as one of the world’s toughest countries to live and raise a family because of its high rates of drugs, cartels and murder.

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