Argentina goes forward with the regulation of abortion in the country

President Alberto Fernandez of Argentina on Tuesday boosted the pro-choice cause by announcing that he would deliver on his campaign pledge to legalize abortion.

Radio Metro was informed by Fernandez that his administration was working on the finishing touches on a bill that will be submitted to Congress soon.

“We’re finishing work,” said Fernandez in a week in which campaigners took to the streets to demand the center-left president recommit publicly to his campaign pledge.

“I don’t want this theme to become another dispute among Argentines. We respect everyone, I don’t want this to generate a new debate,” he added.

On the topic of abortion, Argentine society is strongly divided.

Congress started a landmark debate in 2018 under then-president Mauricio Macri after years of protests, which concluded with the vote of the Chamber of Deputies to allow abortion, only for the Senate to oppose it.

In March, Fernandez vowed to present a new bill to allow abortion, but as the nation went into lockdown over the coronavirus, it was put on hold.

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