Seizing Modupe Odele passport has nothing to do with End SARS: Immigration

The Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) clarified why the passport of End SARS activist, Modupe Odele, was confiscated whilst claiming that it had nothing to do with the role she played in the fight against police brutality.

Modupe “Moe” Odele, a lawyer and a member of the Feminist Alliance, explained how she had been barred from flying out of the country for her birthday and her passport had been confiscated.

This lead to indignation when citizens accused the government of coercion.

The Spokesman for the NIS, Mr. Sunday James, has now told Punch that Moe’s passport was seized as part of a routine border assignment.

Speaking on Thursday night, November 5, Mr Sunday James said that whenever a restriction has been placed on any individual, the immigration service is duty-bound to enforce it.

James said immigration did not seize Odele’s passport because of her #EndSARS activities but because it was enforcing a restriction order.

He said,

“When there is a directive from any agency of government not specific, we have to enforce either entry or restriction of entry by anybody who has been directed not to be allowed exit or entry and as a matter of fact, we cannot as a border management agency, allow anybody who has been restricted from leaving the country to go out and we cannot allow anybody who has been restricted from entry to enter.

“So, it is a routine assignment and it has nothing to do with End SARS. We are the lead agency for the security management of the border. It has to do with the restriction order which we are duty-bound to enforce.”

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