Why do you eat dates:check out some important benefit

You’ve probably seen someone hawking dates around town and you’ve probably tasted them. Or not. This reddish-brown oval-shaped fruit originates from the Middle East where it is a staple food.

Date fruits come from the date palm tree grown in tropical regions globally. How can these dry, chewy, and sweet fruits be beneficial to the health you may ask.Some of these health benefits include;

  • Dates make excellent snacks

Dates indeed make a great option for healthy snacks. It can be paired with other fruits, oatmeal, cereal, and cheese.

Because of its sticky nature, dates can easily be used to cohere baked snacks such as cookies. Dates can also be combined with other dried fruits and nuts to make healthy snack bars.

  • Dates enhance brain activitiesDates fruit so important

Some studies have proven that the date fruit contains properties that aid in lowering inflammatory markers in the human brain causing several severe diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Additionally, these chewy fruits have been attributed with the brain-boosting ability which consequently reduces the inflammation in the body’s cells. 

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  • Dates is a Natural Sweetener

Dates are made of fructose, a complex kind of sugar with a sweet taste.

These fruits can replace sugar, as well as artificial sweeteners in cooking and baking. Thankfully, dates can be ground into a paste form and used in the household to substitute sugar.

Tea, baking, salads are examples of the usefulness of dates. Caution should be put in place, however, to consume dates in moderation.

  • Dates encourage Natural Labour

Studies have been conducted to verify that dates induce timely labor in pregnant women. These studies summarily indicate that indeed these chewy fruits do help promote labor as well as reduce labor time.

In conclusion, one can rest assured that by replacing refined sugar with dates, they are doing their health a huge favor. 

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