Drug addict: Alcohol as gateway drugs

Most drug addict today started their first drug use by experimenting with mostly gateway drugs.

gateway drugs are drugs that an individual first have contact with, a drug that ushers a victim into using other drugs is known as gateway drugs.

one of the major reasons why some of these drugs are the first drug of contact is because they are readily available and legal.

An example of these drugs is alcohol and cigarettes 

Drug addiction

It usually ushers most people into using hard drug basically because the body system gets familiar with alcohol and cigarettes(gateway drug) thus it makes it Strong to accommodate other substance

When someone starts using either Alcohol or cigarette, in no time begin to come in contact with friends that uses other substance in most cases out of curiosity they begin to try other substance

while some are out of pressure be it at home, school, workplace, or friends and that’s how the circle continues.

An addict said

It all started as something I do at a social gathering, it all for fun I do it so well that I meet friends that are ready to supplier me with more the first day I took the hard one the next thing is I found myself in a strange home around 2 am-midnight when I spoke to my friends about it they say I should take it more I will get used to it which I did and from that day it became something I can’t do without I abuse drug“……….. He said

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Drug abuse happens when a person uses a drug over and over again, it gradually become a disease that affects the brain which automatically affects the behavior,

by using it more often the health gets damage Sometimes when the person uses the drug for a long time, they start acting strange or differently to Some extent, these drugs are illegal to have or use.


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