Blogging is NOT a get rich quick scheme

The truth is, it only takes someone with patience to make money while blogging, blogging is not for those that want to make fast money even though you can get rich with time.

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Let’s get the bad news out of the way: you won’t make money overnight from blogging. Blogging is certainly NOT a “get rich fast” method.
It’s going to need time. It can only take six months from time to time. Yet it would be a two-year trip in most situations.

The good news is that a blog can be a very lucrative venture. It’s wonderful for someone who wants to launch a side hustle. No joke, people so far have made five, six, and, in some situations, seven figures while blogging in a year.


You can connect with your clients and website visitors by blogging. Through your content, you will create confidence. You should convince individuals with your material to take action on your blog.

You can build a brand and grow your online reputation as a blogger. You just need to be consistent with your blogging efforts.

You can make a living by blogging as most bloggers make it a full-time job. It can only take time at most two years. Here

By applying proper SEO tactics, like writing comprehensive blog posts, developing connections, on-page optimization, and more, you can draw a lot of search engine traffic to your blog.

Are you wondering How Bloggers Make Money?

  • 99% of bloggers make money through 5 main sources:

  1. Ads (Just basic ads we’ve all seen on a website can pay surprisingly well – $3,000/m for us)
  2. Affiliate Marketing (Selling someone else’s goods or services) most bloggers put up affiliate ads on their site it generates income
  3. Selling Your Products.
  4. Sponsored Posts (Where someone pays you to make a specific piece of content on your website often promoting a brand or service)
  5. Services (Where someone pays you for a service like a speaking engagement, freelancing, or anything really

It can be demanding to draw visitors to your blog. But you can develop your readership if you follow a few simple blogging concepts and making your guests believe like hanging around is worthwhile.


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